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NEWS: Bipartisan coalition looks to close sales tax loophole

In today’s political climate it is increasingly difficult to find middle ground between Democrats and Republicans, but a new coalition is looking to change that. 

Rev. Billy Honor introduces the report

The Faith, Justice and Truth Project (FJTP), a recently formed organization that looks to “promote economic justice and popular education among Georgia’s communities and people of faith,” held a press conference at the State Capitol Tuesday to introduce its report on a tax loophole that costs Georgia hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

Titled Georgia Sales Tax Erosion: Big Retailers Are Not Paying Their Fair Share, the 60-page report breaks down the loss of revenue from e-commerce companies failing to collect sales tax from third party vendors.  It estimates that Georgia is missing out on nearly $750 million worth of sales tax revenue annually, money that activists and legislators on both sides of the aisle agree that local governments desperately need.

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